Things are happening at Spagnuolo LLP

Re: Things are happening at Spagnuolo LLP

Good morning, just a heads up that we have two big changes over the next week or so.

First, we are excited to announce the return of Brian Kaminski, a senior corporate lawyer, to our firm. Brian has over 20 years of corporate experience and will be a great asset to any partners who want to set up a PREC, who need a holding company or corporate tax planning. If this applies to you, give me a call or email. Happy to set you up with Brian who will help you out.

Second, we are about to be announced as the first law firm in British Columbia to be added to Velocity as a Solicitor Direct Contact. Effective sometime over the next few weeks, all our broker partners can link us to their file through Velocity. This will have several benefits, including faster fundings, improving broker and lawyer communication, enhancing customer privacy and a variety of other features. Velocity considers us to be the best in-class real estate law firm, and who are we to argue.

Stay tuned for further updates, and as always, thank you for your support.

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