Past Clients

Here's what some of our clients have to say about our firm.

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank your firm for a job well done with the closing of my White Rock property sale. In particular I would like to commend Morgan Bowman, your Client Contact Coordinator for the excellent job she did dealing with myself and some unfortunate incidents that arose last minute with our bank.

Morgan was really “there for me.” My dealing with the bank has been nothing short of a nightmare the last few months. Morgan had requested proper pay out papers from them and in typical bank fashion they were not returning her calls. When I talked to Morgan a day or two before closing Morgan informed me she was going to call the bank and “stay on the phone till she got the answers she needed,” I was really impressed. Then at the last minute (Day before closing) the bank informed Morgan that they would like the proceeds of my sale to pay off two mortgages, not just the one in which they had security. These properties are totally unrelated security wise and needless to say this was a very stressful situation for me here in Ontario as the property I agreed to purchase here also hinged on a property (cottage resort) my brother purchased beside me. Total value of properties…over 2 million. If my deal fell through, so does his! I can’t say enough about Morgan maintaining contact with a banker I got her in contact with and helping me work through this at the 11th hour! To be honest with you, the most impressive thing was her maintaining constant email contact with me and actually answering the phone when I called! Hey!! What lawyer firm actually answers calls and emails you back right away?? I’ve been dealing with lawyers for years and let’s face it….your on their schedule!!

I just felt I had to let you know what an asset you have with Morgan on your staff. She was friendly, listened to my concerns and understood the seriousness of the situation and dealt with it accordingly! I was very very impressed. Although I live in Ontario now, I have let my broker know how happy I was dealing with your practice and thanked him for setting us up.
Morgan for partner in Spagnuolo LLP!!!!! LOL”

– May 2015 from Kelly J Lilly

“Very professional and friendly. Awesome !!!
– October 2015 from S.L.


“Excellent service, prompt, efficient and very pleasant. Thank you!!
– September 2015 from G.G.


“Everything was so smooth and professional, I feel very pleased by the service provided by your Law Firm. Thank you!
– June 2015 from A.D.A.


“Angie was super! so efficient and answered all my questions–thanks so much!
– January 2015 from C.N.


“No suggestions to improve service – everything went very smoothly!”
– December 2014 from T.D.


“I was very happy and satisfied. Felt very comfortable with the process. Thank you. Merry Xmas !!”
— December 2014 from L.J.


“I was very impressed with the fact that all got accomplished on such short notice. Thank you for making the process so painless!”
— November 2014 from A.S.


“It’s been a real pleasure having Spagnuolo LLP represent me. As I mentioned…the professionalism, courtesy and efficiency provided…have been outstanding! You made the legal aspect the least of my worries during the entire process. I have nothing but praise for Spagnuolo LLP! Thank you, so much!”
— Richard H.


“We thought your service was seamless, thank you for making the customer feel valued!”
— John G.


“Everything was managed extremely well and at a distance (I live in England), it was very important that I had peace of mind!”
— Susan P.

“”It was a pleasure to deal with your firm. I had a ‘glitch’ and although I panicked the staff did not!!
Mr. Chan came out to see my father at the care home and was very kind and patient with him.”
– June 2015 from S.K.


“My wife and I were very happy with the entire process. Fantastic! ”
– June 2015 from B.T.


“You guys are amazing!
– March 2015 from D.G.


“No suggestions to improve service, just keep up the good work !!”
— November 2014 from R.S.


“It was a great experience and would use your company again.”
— November 2014 from J.M.


“Very good service. Efficient having the mortgage broker and lawyer office working together.”
— October 2014 from D.I.


“Michelle was excellent in dealing with me. Thank you for all your help in somewhat difficult circumstances. I will certainly recommend your services to my Clients as well.”
— October 2014 from S.A.W.


“Thank you so much for your service that we received. Indeed it was excellent all the way. We will for sure contact you again for any legal work needed.”
— Marilou A.


“We found dealing with your staff a pleasure. They took all the stress out of the transaction and ‘went the extra step’ for us.”
— Barry T.


“I have referred many clients to Spagnuolo LLP and their feedback has been terrific! Their service and flexibility has been bar none – it’s great to know that my clients are taken care of!”

— Janet M.


“Tony answers his phone personally and quickly responds to e-mail. He may be out of town but he answers faster than some of those who are in Kelowna!! Great firm, Great Service, Great guy!!”

— Barb M.


“I will continue to recommend your company to my clients because I know everything is always looked after for them.”

— Lynn S.


“Thank you for all your dedicated hard work and customer service to myself, my client, and to the lending institution…we REALLY appreciate it and appreciate your knowledge and integrity with your field of work… I do not know of any brokers, solicitors, or lenders who could have pulled this one off the way we did and in this time span. Your help and dedication…was much more than called for.”

— Karim S.

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