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We are frequently asked why a client should use our firm, rather than a Notary Public.

The perception is that notaries are just as capable as and less costly than lawyers. This perception is usually quite different than reality.

At Spagnuolo LLP we feel the proper question is not why a potential client should choose us over a notary. The question is why should a potential client use Spagnuolo LLP rather than any other lawyer or notary.

Here are the top 10 reasons why we feel we are the right choice for someone who is buying, selling or refinancing their residential real estate.

  • We are lawyers. Collectively, our lawyers have approximately 70 years of experience in residential real estate law.
  • We are lawyers (We know, this is also number 1). We can give legal advice if a legal issue arises, something a Notary cannot do.
  • Our focus is residential real estate law. Over 98% of our work is in this area. This means we devote all of our energies and efforts to making the transaction as client friendly as possible.
  • Multiple office locations. We have 16 offices in total, including 13 in Greater Vancouver, 2 in Kelowna, 1 in Victoria, and 1 in Nanaimo. We even have land on the Moon, if you can get there we will meet you – see office locations.
  • The best staff in the business. Our senior conveyancers have at least 10 years experience, but more importantly, they are friendly. They know this may be a stressful time for you, and they try to eliminate or reduce that stress.
  • Pricing competitive with most Notary Public’s or lawyers. There are some Notary Public’s who charge more than we do. Also, our prices include all charges and there are no hidden costs – see pricing.
  • Open Saturdays and Wednesday evenings in our Coquitlam office for client meetings.
  • Experience in First Nations Law.
  • A great website, www.bcrealestatelawyers.com. We try to keep this as current as we can.
  • Toll free calling for clients who are out of town.and one more, for a bonus:
  • Corporate social responsibility. Over the years we have supported the Looking Glass Foundation, Canuck Place, Children’s Miracle Network and a variety of other worthwhile causes.

In our opinion, biased as it is, there is no reason to choose anyone other than Spagnuolo LLP.

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