Mortgage Fraud and Title Insurance Spagnuolo LLP

Good morning everyone, I was going to update you on our SWOT analysis, or even the foreign buyer ban, but it seems everyone is talking about mortgage fraud.

Houses have been sold by someone impersonating the true owner and mortgages have been placed properties without the owner knowing about them.  This has been happening for years, but I guess the mainstream media has picked up on this.

Fraudsters like to work on properties that are free and clear of any mortgages. For those people who are so lucky, we have a guaranteed way to prevent mortgage fraud from happening – pull the duplicate indefeasible title certificate!

Easy to do, and guaranteed 100% effective.  Just do not lose it, as it will take months and a lot of money to replace.

We will soon be updating our website and offering this service.  If you are one of the lucky ones with a mortgage free property, or know someone in this position, stay tuned for future website updates/emails and videos or shoot us an email for more information!

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