Mortgage Fraud Protection

It appears our last email regarding mortgage fraud hit a nerve, as it was one of the most read and replied to emails we have ever sent.

We have added  to our website. This page expands upon mortgage fraud, and how to prevent it from occurring. There are a few options to reduce the risk of mortgage fraud, and title insurance may cover you if you are victimized by this, but there is only one way we know of to prevent it (for those lucky enough to have a free and clear property) – pull and store the Duplicate Certificate of Indefeasible Title.

The page expands upon our email from a few weeks ago, and answers ALL of the questions we have received.

Feel free to share on social, or with your database. This is an important issue, and there is no reason why homeowners should not take precautions against this happening to them.

As always, thanks for the support.

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