Mortgage Fraud Protection Spagnuolo LLP

Good evening, you are receiving this as a past client of Spagnuolo LLP.

There are a few legal topics that may be of interest to you, the first being mortgage fraud.

For years, houses have been sold by someone impersonating the true owner and mortgages have been placed on properties without the owner knowing about them. The mainstream media has picked up on this – check out

Fraudsters like to work on properties that are free and clear of any mortgages, in particular when the homeowner does not live in the property. For those people who are so lucky, there is a guaranteed way to prevent mortgage fraud from happening – pull the Duplicate Indefeasible Title Certificate!  Easy to do and guaranteed 100% effective. Just do not lose it, as it will take months and a lot of money to replace. This should be stored somewhere safe where it will not be lost.

We have added Mortgage Fraud Protection – B.C. Real Estate Lawyers ( to our website   This will give you all the information you need to have to hopefully protect yourself against mortgage fraud.  You do not need to hire a lawyer to protect yourself, our website has the link for you to do it yourself!   Of course we are happy to assist if needed.

Feel free to email any questions but given the large response we expect to receive we will likely answer all questions in a few weeks by way of updating the FAQ’s on our website.

As always, thank you for your support.

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