Legally Speaking #561 Wildfire and Climate Change and Reviewing Charges on Title

For the realtors in our database who are receiving this email, you really need to pay attention to the latest issue of Legally Speaking (#561).  The article deals with climate change, and the lawyer who wrote the article states, and I quote:

Now more than ever, reviewing charges on title to properties and proper due diligence is essential. Many titles throughout B.C. have covenants registered on title which describe the potential for flooding or geotechnical events. These covenants should not be brushed aside but rather should be reviewed in detail and considered. At times, the advice of other professionals, such as geotechnical engineers, may be required. For example, many property titles in B.C. have geotechnical covenants registered against them, which specify the standard at which construction needs to be done, and they often include geotechnical reports outlining risks and requirements for mitigating these risks.

It is almost as if the lawyer who wrote this worked for Terra Firma Title Review!

Protect yourself and have the title reviewed before subject removal.  If you do not want to sign up on a monthly basis, we are happy to review individual titles.  If your property is within Greater Vancouver, we charge a flat fee of $125.  If your property is outside of Greater Vancouver, we charge a fee of $50 per charge on title (for example, two covenants = $100 + tax).

Feel free to email us at for a firm quote.

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