Land Title Documents and Racist Language

A couple of recent articles in the Vancouver Sun caught my attention.

The first article, published on May 27, can be found at More than $1m to remove racist language in West Van covenants: Report | Vancouver Sun  –      This article deals with racist language on land title documents in West Vancouver and claims that removing the language could cost the municipality more than $1,000,000.00.

The second article, published on May 31 can be found at  West Vancouver council punts racist-covenant ball to the province | Vancouver Sun –        and states the Province agrees that such covenants are unacceptable and have no place on land titles across the Province.

Both articles arose from a recent homeowner who discovered the racist covenant on her property.   It is not just West Vancouver that contains such covenants.  My in-laws purchased a lot on Boundary Road back in the 1990’s and the title showed the exact same covenant.  A simple phone call had the offensive language crossed out.

I admit I am biased, but there is an easy way for realtors to ensure their clients are not burdened with such a covenant – use Terra Firma Title Review (  Terra Firma would identify any such racist covenants, alerting the buyer to notify their lawyer or notary helping them with their purchase, who can then have the offensive language crossed out.

For those realtors in the Lower Mainland, a small monthly fee ensures this will never happen to their clients.

Tony Spagnuolo, Barrister & Solicitor

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