Italy’s Birthday Spagnuolo Lawyers

Re: Video Update

Today was going to be the last in our series on the importance of a title search.  We were going to send out our video that explained Terra Firma and why every realtor in the Lower Mainland should be on the service, but…….

Today is ITALIAN DAY!  Yup, Italy’s birthday.

I am sure you have a whole day of celebration planned, just like us. We have cappuccinos, lattes and Baci chocolates in the am.  A beautiful charcuterie board and cannoli’s for lunch, bocce tournament in the afternoon, and lasagna and a bottle of wine for everyone to take home. Plus door prizes throughout the day.  Not sure you have that much lined up, but what the heck, we have been working so hard we are going to blow off some steam, from a socially safe distance of course.

No matter how you celebrate the birthday of the second best country in the world (Canada is first!) raise a glass of vino, and raise a toast to all the Italians you know.

Viva Italia!

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