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March 18, 2024

Real Estate Fraud

An article in the Financial Post (Homeowners, realtors should take steps to protect against title fraud: experts | Financial Post) advises people to take title insurance to protect themselves against fraud.

While title insurance will pay out in the event of fraud, it does not prevent fraud from occurring. If you live in BC and have a mortgage free property (which is what fraudsters tend to target) pull the Duplicate Certificate of Title. Sure, there are issues with this, but this will 1,000% guarantee you from being victimized by real estate fraud.

Check out Mortgage Fraud Protection – B.C. Real Estate Lawyers ( for more details.

If you have clients, friends, family who are concerned about real estate fraud, they should read our page. They do not need to hire us or any law firm as it is quite simple to take care of this themselves, but they should get educated on this serious topic.

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