Education Series

We will soon start our email education series, starting with some updates on our office locations. As you hopefully know, we have 14 in Greater Vancouver, 2 in the Okanagan, and 1 each in Victoria and Nanaimo. We are updating a few of them to better enhance the client experience, and we will let you know of those updates. We will also soon publish a series of videos, where we give legal advice on a series of topics in under 90 seconds. We have about 10 topics on our list to cover, but of course, if you have any suggestions let me know.

And while on the topic of video, our Christmas Poem now has over 1,700 views. Yup, it has gone viral. If you have not seen it yet click on

I would love to get over 2,000 views, and, if we do, I will donate $2,000 to a local charity. Not sure which one yet, but I will keep you posted.

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