Covenants on Title

I have noticed a post or two on social media regarding old covenants registered on title prohibiting anyone from certain ethnic backgrounds from owning property.  These were obviously registered several decades ago and are not enforceable.

One of the questions on social asks why they are still registered.  It is because there is no master list of these charges so they can only be removed as they are discovered.

The only way they can be discovered would be to review all covenants registered against title that your client is interested in purchasing.  You can do this yourself (order and pay for the charge from the Land Title Office, review and follow up for a discharge) or have your title reviewed at

If you are not familiar with you should be.   It not only protects your buyers from any adverse effects regarding non-financial charges, but also protects from any claims regarding these charges.   It also makes your listings easier to sell (not that you need much help right now) and may even help you get an extra listing or two throughout the year.

Feel free to hit reply and let me know if you have any questions regarding Terra Firma.  While this service is only available for properties in the Lower Mainland, we will review properties outside the Lower Mainland on a case by case basis and subject to an additional fee.

We will soon post a couple of videos about Terra Firma because we all know you want to see me stare into a camera and talk for a couple of minutes.

All the best, thanks for the support.


Tony Spagnuolo, Barrister & Solicitor

Spagnuolo LLP





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