Be Kind to Your Spagnuolo Lawyer Day

I know you all have this day circled in your calendars, for it is Be Kind To Your Lawyer Day.  I just added Spagnuolo in there.  Yup, it is true, a day set aside for your favourite lawyer, which better be me and my team.

On a more serious note, we have updated our Mortgage Fraud FAQ’s in our Knowledge Centre to answer ALL of the questions we have received from our partners and our past clients.  You can find the updated page at

I will leave you with this…if you or your clients are renting out a free and clear property you ought to seriously consider pulling the Duplicate Indefeasible Title and store it safely and securely, or have us do it.  If your home is free and clear you may want to do it, but the odds of being victimized by real estate fraud are considerably lower if it is your principal residence.

As always, thank you for your support.

Tony Spagnuolo

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