2020 Holiday Poem Spagnuolo LLP

2020 Holiday Poem from Spagnuolo LLP

For years I have written a holiday poem, summarizing the year’s events.  A couple of years ago we turned it into a video, and last year we did a Spags sing-along!  I am sure you remember them well LOL.

With COVID, working from home and a crazy busy real estate market we could not get our team together for the Spags sing-along, so I had to go back to simply writing a poem . Little boring I know, but traditions are traditions!

Anyway, if you have the time click on the link below to view the 2020 Holiday Poem.

All the best over the holiday season and throughout 2021.  Thanks for the support.

Tony Spagnuolo

Please click on link to view the 2020 Holiday Poem:


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